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iPod Project, Day 75

Another week of greatest hits collections. All these greatest hits albums, and I DON'T have Paula Abdul? Or Roxette? Or Culture Club? Or Sass Jordan?

I've also started listening to Boxer, by The National, as prep for the REM concert in Vancouver at the end of May. But I'll need a few more listens of that one.

Don Henley, Actual Miles
It's a little odd that I actually like Don Henley, since I really don't have much use for The Eagles. But Henley's solo work - especially songs like "The Boys of Summer" and "The End of the Innocence" and "The Heart of the Matter" and especially the stunning "Last Worthless Evening" - is pretty great. I have a very specific memory of "The End of the Innocence": I once saw the video on MuchMusic on a cloudy August afternoon, at about 1:45 pm. It's a little weird, I know... but much like Heart's "These Dreams" takes me back to junior high, this song just takes me back there. (This collection includes Henley's cover of "Everybody Knows". Apparently, I have versions of this song performed by at least four different artists: Henley, Rufus Wainwright, Concrete Blonde, and Leonard Cohen's original.)

Aerosmith, Big Ones
Not a bad collection -- it's fortunately missing "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" -- but I'm still not quite sure why I bought it. "Love in an Elevator", maybe? Or "Janie's Got a Gun"? "Dude Looks Like a Lady"? Hmmm.

Blondie, The Best of Blondie
Classics: "One Way or Another", "Atomic", "Rapture", "Heart of Glass"... even "The Tide Is High". Great stuff! Sidenote: I can't believe Kirsten Dunst is apparently playing Deborah Harry in the upcoming Blondie biopic. It really should be Scarlett Johannson. (Nothing against Dunst, whom I generally really like.)

Tears For Fears, Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92)
Mandatory if only for the amazing "Woman in Chains", featuring Oleta Adams. I have fond memories of "Shout" and "Everybody Wants To Rule The World", but my god "Shout" is a long song. Six and a half minutes! Of repetitive choruses! Still, as I listened to this album, I realized I knew more TFF songs than I thought I did. Hunh.

Crowded House, Recurring Dream (Greatest Hits)
For "Something So Strong" and "Don't Dream It's Over" and (my fave) "Better Be Home Soon".

John Mellencamp, The Best That I Could Do
I will admit a soft spot for "Jack and Diane" -- after a few (or a few too many) beer, who HASN'T observed that life goes on "long after the thrill of living is gone"? Mellencamp might be, like Bon Jovi, grade-B Springsteen, but "Jack and Diane" is as close as most people could get to, say, "Thunder Road". I'm also a big fan of "The Authority Song". I don't mind songs like "Little Pink Houses" and "ROCK in the USA", even if they make me cringe a little. I think I bought this to round out a Columbia House purchase requirement at some point... I'm pretty sure I never listened to it until now.

The Doors, Greatest Hits
While they're not really my thing, I think every CD collection should include "Break On Through". And likely "Light My Fire", which helped the team I was on win Name That Tune at Money Pennies a few weeks back. See, for the bonus round or whatever, you had to identify the song as quickly as possible. My hand was up the second I heard the opening drum beat... of course, I thought it was Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone". Fortunately, by the time the host turned off the music, the distinct keyboards had already started, so it was an easy victory.

The Who, Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
When it comes to Major British Rock Bands From the 60s-70s, I definitely prefer The Rolling Stones. (Obviously.) I picked up a couple of discs by The Who in a cheap bin at one point, and this one features some great singles like "Magic Bus" and "I Can See For Miles" and "My Generation" and "Pinball Wizard", a song that makes me chuckle and wince for reasons relating to drunken shenanigans back in Halifax. (And I'm glad, really, that Peter keeps bringing it up, so that all of my Calgary friends know the story. GOD.)

The Clash, The Story of The Clash (Vol 1)
So. London Calling is an absolutely superb album, one of the greatest rock albums of all time. And "Should I Stay or Should I Go" (formerly my ringtone) is a great fuckin' song. But I can't say that I'm especially impressed with what I've heard of the rest of The Clash. (I'm a philistine, I know.)

Simon & Garfunkel, Greatest Hits
"Mrs. Robinson", "The Boxer", "Cecilia"... classics. "America" makes me think of Almost Famous... from back when Cameron Crowe knew how to make movies. Simpsons nerd note: until I heard this, I had no idea that Mr. Burns quotes "The 59th Street Bridge Song" right before he got shot.

Poison, Greatest Hits
"Talk Dirty To Me"? "Fallen Angel"? "Unskinny Bop"? If you don't like these songs... well, you obviously weren't a teenager in the 80s. And in terms of big hair band ballads, you can't beat "Something To Believe In" or especially "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". (Still, at 18 tracks, there is A LOT of filler here.)

Stevie Nicks, Timespace - The Best of Stevie Nicks
Random thoughts while I listened to Her Royal Highness, Queen Stevie: the South Park goat in Afghanistan... Lucy Lawless's definitive Stevie impersonation on SNL, opening a Tex-Mex restaurant ("Now there you go again, you say you want burritos..."). And "Stand Back" always makes me think of Jason (aka Bebe) and his hilarious impersonation.

Dolly Parton, The Best of the RCA Years
Look, Dolly's a legend. If only for "Jolene". Or "Nine to Five". Or her beautiful, original version of "I Will Always Love You" (which is still better than Whitney's, if you ask me). I also have a fondness for "Islands in the Stream" (unfortunately expressed via karaoke duets a couple of times). In fact, remember when she stepped on Kenny's foot while they performed the song live at, I think, the American Music Awards? Well, her "Excuse me, Kenny" has become part of the vernacular among me and a certain group of my friends.

The Supremes, The Ultimate Collection
After partying and working at Reflections for a couple of years, I'm completely conditioned to expect the ugly lights to go on when I hear the opening notes of "Reflections". It's 3:30 am and I'm frantically downing the last half of a beer I likely shouldn't have ordered in the first place. Good times.

Ike and Tina Turner, Greatest Hits
Of course, their cover of "Proud Mary" is justifiably legendary, and "River Deep, Mountain High" is an absolutely exquisite song.

Pet Shop Boys, Discography
Lots of great tracks, and I always loved their version of "Where the Streets Have No Name" which also mixes in "I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You".

Elvis Presley, The Top Ten Hits
I'm most definitely not an Elvis scholar, and would consider myself at best a casual fan. This collection is a pretty good overview, I guess. *shrug*

Chuck Berry, The Great Twenty-Eight
The Ramones, All The Stuff and More
Two collections by artists who basically wrote the same song over and over again.

David Bowie, Greatest Hits 1969-74
Got this from a friend of mine recently. And it's made me decide that I need to get some more Bowie, ASAP.

Sly and the Family Stone, Greatest Hits
If only for "I Want To Take You Higher". Oh, and "Dance to the Music". And "Everyday People".

Janet Jackson, Design of a Decade
So many classic songs from her first two albums! "Nasty" has always been a favorite, and I adore "Love Will Never Do (Without You)". I still like "Escapade", even though I once heard it on an endless loop for about 90 min at the Pizza Delight in Summerside. (The only thing missing is "If", from her third album.)

Mariah Carey, #1s
Um... I think I must have bought this because I love "Vision of Love", her first and best single. "Love Takes Time" is pretty good too. Never listened to the thing in its entirety until now... don't think I ever will again.

After two and a half months:
- Total number of songs: 7711
- Total duration of songs: 20.86 days
- Total number of songs listened to: 2590
- Total duration of songs listened to: 6.91 days
- Total number of songs remaining: 5121

About 1/3 of the way thru. Not bad.

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